How is leadership in your organization?

Leadership is key to a great workplace. Here’s how we look at it:

Judging Leadership:

Shared Vision: Does our leadership inspire a common goal?

Trust & Support: Do they trust us and provide support?

Communication: Is communication clear and open?

Adaptability: Can our leaders handle change well?

Growing Talent: Are they helping us learn and grow?

Why It Matters:

Good leadership makes work better. It helps us grow and do our best.

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Leading from Within: Tamika’s Legacy of Empowerment

Once upon a time, there was this boss, Tamika, who ran this company that was killing it. But she wasn’t your typical bigwig. Nope. Tamika was different.

Tamika didn’t just sit in some corner office barking orders. She was out there with her employees, in the trenches, getting her hands dirty alongside them. She’d roll up, ready to hustle, and wasn’t afraid to dive into the nitty-gritty stuff.

Now, most bosses, talk a big game about teamwork and all that, but Tamika? She lived and breathed it. Her door was always open. And I don’t mean just for show. She genuinely listened, cared about what they had to say, and made them feel like they mattered. That’s rare these days.

Whenever they hit a snag, Tamike didn’t disappear into thin air. She’d swoop in, help them brainstorm, figure out solutions, and sometimes even crack a joke to lighten the mood. It was like having a teammate who also happened to be the boss.

And let me tell you, she wasn’t just about squeezing out profits. Sure, the company was doing great, but Tamika was all about pushing her team to be better people too. She’d encourage learning, pump them up about their strengths, and push them to tackle their weaknesses head-on.

Her vibe wasn’t just about the company; it was about giving back too. Tamika started all these cool programs, helping out the community and going green within the office. She wanted them to feel like they were part of something bigger than just punching the clock.

That lady’s leadership was something else. It wasn’t just about leading; it was about lifting them. Her vision made them feel like they weren’t just there to work; they were there to kick some serious butt.

Tamika’s legacy? It’s not just about the success of the company. It’s about the mark she left on all of them. She made them believe in themselves, in each other, and in what they could achieve together. And let me tell you, that’s the kind of boss you don’t forget.


Let me just get it out. My friend’s ex-husband’s died today due to the virus.

I thought I was going to be able to talk about my day, but after writing that sentence… I got nothing. Basically, I worked, cleaned and worked on my case study. Right now, I am tapped out.

I am about to watch the National Prayer Breakfast segment where Barry Black speaks.

Day 12: Zoom Zoom

Well, today wasn’t so bad. I worked. I ate a bit. I was on a conference call with my group. I was on Marco Polo throughout the day with friends in Cali, Fairfax and Detroit.

My daughter went to get checked for the Coronavirus. Three of her coworkers she worked closely with tested positive. I am hoping my daughter’s test comes back negative. She cannot return to work until she has her results back and it has to be negative. So, I am praying that happens. She came over to clean the cat litter. No, I do not know how to do that. LOL She Facetimed me. It was funny at first watching her come in my house via FaceTime as I sat in my craftroom. She and I cannot have any contact. I have lupus and my family is doing everything to not compromise my immune system as a JUST IN CASE. Once she finished, she started to leave and I stopped her. I asked if she could just peek her head in the hallway so I could see her face. Well, she had on two scarves covering her mouth, a bonnet covering all of her hair and gloves. She was doing everything to ensure she was wrapped up. It was funny, but then when I saw her eyes, I started crying because I could hold her, kiss her… be near her. That hurt so bad.

One of my aunts was discharged from the hospital. Has she contacted anyone to let them know she was ok? Nope. I think she just went on her merry way to do whatever she wanted to do. Personally, I think that is selfish and rude, but whatever. I am hoping maybe she went home and got some rest. But you know what? With her being the selfish one, …well, nevermind. Moving on…

I later Facebook Messaged my other daughter to see my grandkids. Well, she was about to go to snoozeland and my grandkids? Well, one was sleep and one was whining. I was like…. I WILL SEE Y’ALL early tomorrow. This evening gig is a no go. hahahah

Afterwards, I was invited to a high school classmate’s Zoom event. She is a professional makeup artist. She was teaching and showing us how to do our eyebrows. I had no idea that much work went into doing them. She was really good.

Now, I am watching Peter Mann’s YouTube. This dude is hilarious. I highly recommend watching his YouTube. It’s a drama channel, but it’s tastefully done, with integrity and suggestions. Nothing negative. He’s always trying to provide recommendations on how to make situations better for a more seasoned perspective.

Well, I am not going to watch the news and I am only on my crafting Facebook account. I do not want to see anything negative or hear anything else about the coronavirus for awhile. I’d rather watch YouTube to watch mukbangs, another many other channels.

Well, I am about to sign off. What did you do today?

Thanks for reading.



State Rep. Isaac Robinson has died, the Michigan House of Representatives confirmed to 7 Action News.

Last week, so many died from this virus. Some I knew. Now, this. Lord, please comfort and be with Isaac’s mom now. She needs you right now.

30 more days of the “Q” life!

Today, President Trump extended federal social distancing guidelines to April 30th due to the coronavirus. So I guess I will start blogging about the quarantine life here in Detroit. This should be interesting because I started working from home on March 19th. It’s been interesting, to say the least. I am used to seeing and talking to people face-to-face. Now, I Marco Polo, Facetime, and Instant Message them. I used to despise doing that, but now… it’s my new norm.

As I continue getting adjusted to working from home, learning new things, and who knows what else… we will take this journey together. So, yes, I plan on blogging as much as I can because I have put it off so long. I was just RANDOM! lol So, we’re going to take it back old school. This will like a pen pal theme. Not trying to be deep, but real. My posts will be most authentic, off the cuff thoughts. Just an average conversation with whoever is reading. And hopefully, I’ll receive feedback in the comment section. I mean, real comments. Not that SPAM or advertisements, etc.

Well, I am about to close. 30 more days… this should be interesting.

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Marvel: The Avengers Cinematic List In Order!!!

If you are like me, LaShawnda come lately, you are behind on the whole Marvel comic/film festivities! I have watched a couple of the films in the past, but always had questions about who was this person and how did they get their powers. It was frustrating!

After watching “Black Panther” twice in one day, I was determined to find out ALL the Marvel movies that came out before this one. To my “OMG” moment, I had no idea IT WAS SO MANY! I got a bit overwhelmed!

Here are the listings in order, (Thanks to Wikipedia!):

ICYMI: Apple’s Special Announcement

Apple Special Event. September 12, 2017.
The first-ever event at the Steve Jobs Theater.

Here’s what they announced. Click here.

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